10 January 2016

3 Ways To Boost Your Skin While You Sleep

Overnight Face Masks: Erborian, Voya and James Read
Who else has broken most (if not all) of their new year's resolutions? I hear you, but I have a solution if one was to start taking better care of your skin. Finding time to regularly scrub and mask and rinse and tone and hydrate is harder than it sounds, which is where an overnight face mask can handily step in. It makes sense, really; not only is a bedtime treatment insanely effortless, it also sees your skin fed with potent, pore-kind ingredients during the time it repairs itself. (Which is while you sleep, FYI.) I go to bed with masks on often, so I thought I'd share three of my favourites. There's one for plumping, one for glow-boosting, and one that soothes winter dryness a treat.

Voya Hydra Veil Face Mask, £32

This is the one for dehydration. It's a little bit richer in texture than the other two masks, but in no way 'greasy' or 'thick' - just delightfully cosseting when skin feels tight. The secret here is the extracts of seaweed, as algae is great for replenishing the moisture stores in your pores, as well as calming redness and inflammation. I reach for this one when it's been a particularly cold day in the city, and find a thin layer is plenty to see away the dryness that tends to crop up on my cheeks and forehead. You can still feel it on your skin in the morning - in a good way - as skin has a certain dewiness that, after cleansing, makes a smooth canvas for foundation.

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask, £36

There isn't a product I haven't loved from this French-Korean fusion brand, and the Sleeping BB Mask might be the best I've tried so far. It promises to create a plumping 'cocoon' over skin while you sleep, which sounds like it might be cloying, right? But that couldn't be further from the case. I tend to apply a pretty thick layer of this overnight treatment, yet it still feels supremely light on skin. Think silky and supple, a bit like a serum once it's dried down. It's all about fixing fatigue, so it's a great one to use if you've crept in late or are tight on time. Come morning, skin looks glowy and rested, like you're one of those sensible, early-to-bed types.

James Read Sleep Mask Tan Face, £25

This self-tanning mask breaks all manner of records in my books: most comfortable tan, most natural glow and most enjoyable way to fake bronzed skin (because you wear it while you sleep, you see). Like the Erborian mask, it has a light, serum-like texture, meaning you can barely feel it on your face - something that you can't say about a lot of self-tanning creams. The colour builds up very gradually, so I use it as a mid-week pick-me-up that leaves a healthy, tawny veil to reverse winter dullness. Oh, and did I mention that it's hydrating, too?

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