2 March 2015

Fake Tanning Tips for Dry Complexions

Fake Tanning Tips for Dry Complexions
A facial fake tan is great for lending some warmth to flagging skin, but nothing kills that glow quite like a parched complexion post-DHA. If you find that faux tan tends to rob your pores of essential, dewy moisture, read on to find out how you can maintain a honeyed hue with optimum hydration.

Choose a tan with benefits

Instead of grabbing for the first fake tan that promises golden skin, do a little research on the product's ingredients. Many lotions now impart a thwack of hydrating benefits - and no, I'm not talking gradual tanners that lend only the softest glow.

Gradual tanners are best for drier skins as they're lighter and hold less DHA, but should you want a deeper tone, there are gentle products to be found. For example, St. Tropez enriches its lotion with soothing aloe vera, while He-Shi harnesses moisture lock technology and, unlike many tanners, is free of parabens and alcohol.

For my part, providing I put in the prep, I get great results with St. Tropez, as it boasts a believable shade of bronze that doesn't cling to scaly skin. Crucially, my face feels soft - not tight - whenever I wash it off, and I don't have to pile on the flash balm in futile attempts to restore skin's radiance.

Go for a gradual lotion

There are great gradual tanning options out there that take the edge off pasty skin - they're perfect if you're looking for just a gentle kiss of warming colour. Some do little more than lend your limbs and cheeks the subtlest tint, but what you want is a tanner that doubles up as a damn good moisturiser.

The Crème de la Mer Gradual Tan is as plush as some of my favourite hydrating creams, so you get a full-on thwack of moisture that gently lifts the tone of your skin. Pair it with the Nuxe Self-Tanning Face Cream for a head-to-toe hint of bronze. Its deliciously unctuous formula feels like a soothing treat on my sensitive pores.

Prep with a water-based cream

Typically, it may seem wise to skip face cream before you apply fake tan - the oils in your moisturiser can act as a shield against DHA. That said, a water-based cream will still allow tanning agents to react with skin cells, all while keeping moisture intact for happy, hydrated cheeks. Look for oil-free creams with water high on the ingredients list, and allow them time to sink in before you pat on a layer of tan.

The Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is a perfect tan prep buy, as the water-based hydrating gel pumps pores with weightless, shine-free moisture. It's quenching enough to counteract the drying effects of the DHA, but the lightness ensures it won't block the glow-giving effects of tanning agents.

An honourable mention also goes to the St. Tropez Body Moisturiser. Though it does contain oils, it's also packed with a tanning booster called L-Tyrosine, so the lotion bumps up your skin's moisture while enhancing the effects of the tan that follows.

Try an instant tan

If longevity isn't a factor and you're able to keep away from the rain, then opt for an instant tan that doesn't run the risk of stripping your skin. These lotions come with the huge bonus of bronzing skin sans DHA, and they're great for mixing with day cream should you want a subtler tint.

When I want a one-night-only tan, I opt for NKD SKIN - it's the budget-pleasing sister brand to Vita Liberata. The Wash Off Tan is supremely matte so you won't load skin in unsightly sparkles, plus it boasts plenty of slip that cuts down the risk of patchy, orange knees.

Two hydrating self-tanners of note

Clarins has the authority on tans that segue seamlessly into your beauty routine, and two that I love allow me to use them in tandem with moisturising creams.

The Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster comes with the premise of being a made-to-measure tan, with one drop lending some subtle warmth, while three will provide a deeper tone. Cocktail it with a nourishing, plumping cream like the Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion, and - hey presto - you've custom-blended a gradual tan with hydrating clout.

I also regularly reach for the Instant Smooth Self-Tanning balm; a mousse-like primer which sits on top of your day cream and underneath your makeup. It instantly injects a breath of warmth, allows your makeup to glide on smoothly, and comes with a hint of DHA to lend a more long-term glow. Want more info on this multi-tasker? Then you can read my full review here.


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