8 January 2015

3 Baths You Need to Indulge in This Winter

Aromatherapy Associates, Sai-Sei & Kneipp Bath
If December saw you rushing through your Christmas party beauty prep, you’ll be thankful for the ‘me time’ that comes with the January slump. Speedy scrubs in the shower are mercifully replaced with bountiful time to bathe, and in the spirit of all things relaxing, I’ve rounded up the three baths you need this month.

A bath to soothe your sinuses 

If, like me, you’re muddling through January with a stubborn cold, add a slug of a sinus-relieving elixir into your bath. The Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil blends eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils to tackle a stuffy nose. A bath can’t promise to cure your cold but a soak with this can ease congestion, and I find the refreshing formula helps to spring my sore muscles back to life.

A bath to soften parched winter skin

Until I manage to finalise plans for my dream trip to Japan, the Sai-Sei Mineral Seaweed Bath Crystals are as close as I’ll get to experiencing an onsen. Sai-Sei’s products are inspired by traditional Japanese bathing rituals, and these seaweed salts recreate the relaxing benefits of their hot spring baths. I scatter a hefty handful into warm water when I want a spa-like treatment, and minerals including calcium, zinc and iron help to hydrate and soften my limbs.

A bath to banish your New Year blues

Colds and dry, chapped skin aside, January can still be a miserable month, with the fun of Christmas falling behind us and the light of summer far ahead. For this reason, I try to take some comfort in the colder temperatures and use this time as a chance to treat myself with a medley of warming fragrances. Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath blends a high concentration of hemp and red poppy oils, creating a heady scent that leaves me in an elevated, zen-like mood. It's a down day quick fix, bottled.

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