16 January 2015

Facial Friday #1: Ginvera, Clayspray and Origins

DIY facial with Ginvera, Clayspray and Origins
As much as I love having expert hands pummel my pores with a deluge of glow-giving oils, sometimes it’s tricky to slot a professional facial into my schedule. An arsenal of scrubs, peels and intensive masks allows me to do the job at home, and what better way to finish a Friday than by buffing your way to fresh weekend skin?

The season’s many aggressors - including central heating and chilly winds - can add up to a profusion of dead skin cells, dry patches and excess oil. This is just one of the DIY facials I use to hit the refresh button, and it centres around bringing radiance back to my dreary winter complexion.

1. Exfoliate

After cleansing, I begin my facial with some gentle exfoliation. Ginvera Marvel Gel, £22, dissolves clogged pores without any abrasive grains, making it the perfect pick for my reactive, fragile skin. As you rub it into a dry complexion, you can feel the dead skin cells come away, which strikes the perfect balance between being gross yet strangely satisfying.

2. Use a Clay Mask

To clear out radiance-killing impurities, you need a hard-working clay mask. Clayspray Chococlay Clay Masque, £25, is enriched with macromolecular hydrogels, which help to conserve your skin’s natural moisture while digging the dirt out of your pores. It’s one of few products I’ve used that give an instantaneous result, as rinsing off the dark brown clay reveals fresh, bright skin and a matte t-zone. If you’re dealing with combination skin, this is great for restoring balance.

3. Steam Clean Skin

Though the first exfoliating step has allowed the face mask to penetrate pores, the removal step is just as crucial for getting the most from the red clay and cacao. I run a flannel under hot water, wring it out and drape it over my skin, then leave it to set for a few minutes before I gently buff the mask away.

4. Apply a Moisture Mask

I tend to do this routine at night, so I top it all off with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, £23. With debris and dead skin cells removed, the hydrating mask can sink in deeper, so I wake up with plump and pillowy skin that lends a smooth canvas for makeup.

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