19 January 2015

Concoction Haircare Cocktail: A Custom-Blended Shampyou

Concoction Haircare Shampyou Shampoo and Conditioner review
Bespoke blends are filtering into every corner of the beauty world, and if your one-size-fits-all products don't do the trick, why not try getting personal? Concoction is one such brand that aims to cater to your custom needs, allowing you to mix up individual haircare cocktails with their clever Shampyou.

You begin by choosing a base shampoo - I plumped for refreshing Rosemary & Mint - then add in two Superserum Shots depending on what your hair is craving. I opted for Turn Up the Volume and Gimme More Moisture to plump and hydrate my locks, but you can also pick up colour-enhancing shots or a treatment that smooths your strands.

Give it a shake, then, Bob's your uncle, a haircare masterpiece is born, and I’m pleased to say that it’s every bit as prescriptive as I’d hoped. For starters, my roots feel squeaky clean and my lengths have a weightless quality, which I’m certain comes from the body-building properties of the volume shot. While this lighter texture allows me to coax my locks into a fuller style, the ends are noticeably softer thanks to the dose of aloe in Gimme More Moisture.

It’s worth snapping up the Concoction Creme de Concoction Conditioner also. Though not bespoke, it’s an utterly beautiful calming cream that nourishes dry lengths, and the scent - oh, the scent - is clean, feminine and more than a little luxurious.

You can find your Shampyou base blend for £11 from BeautyMART and snap up your Superserum Shots for £2 per vial.

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