15 December 2014

4 Tricks for Camera-Perfect Party Makeup

Makeup Tips for Perfect Party Selfie
In the age of the selfie, camera-ready makeup is all the more crucial, and answering to the lens has changed the way we apply our everyday pigments. Rarely are we more snap-happy than when we’re in the festive spirit, which is why I’ve pulled together this guide for a photogenic party look.

These products and tips will tick all the boxes for a flawless #nofilter face, with a line-up of long-wear measures thrown in to ensure your makeup won't sweat off mid-party.

1. Create contours with your primer

As well as anchoring down your base, your primers can highlight your best features, casting a flattering, soft-focus veil that lifts and de-puffs your contours. First, apply a matte base through the t-zone to knock out unwanted shine, then focus a luminous primer on the sides of your face to slim and shape the cheeks.

2. Use lipstick to cheat a clear complexion

A flash of red or fuchsia on lips can look beautiful in photographs, as these bolder pigments will help the shape of your mouth appear more prominent. Making bright lips your focal point will dial up the sparkle in your teeth, as well as instantly helping your skin look more radiant and clear.

To ensure a power pout maintains its vibrancy, wear it over a lip liner of the same shade, or grab Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Liner in Clear, £3.99, if you can’t find a colour match.

3. Counteract poor quality camera phones

Camera phones - though a great invention - can often lack true depth of field, which means your facial features lose their usual strength and structure. Define your brows and eyes to ensure they don’t get lost in translation by cleverly building up your pigments.

Deepen brows first by brushing them up with a clear or tinted grooming gel, then grab a brow pencil and stroke it through in short, sharp gestures for a natural look.  If you’re etching in a feline flick, apply it with a liquid or gel pigment initially, then gently layer over it with a matching kohl pencil.

4. Sweep away shine

I’m a firm proponent of dewy skin, but on camera, it can often translate as sweat. For this reason, I ensure my makeup errs on the matte side for big nights out. Not only do I stick to bronzers that are free of glitter particles, but I use the Benefit Porefessional Powder, £23.50, to imperceptibly knock out shine.

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