23 November 2014

Sunday Chatter #2: Borough Market Browsing and Hot Ciders

1. Jamie and I took on London like a pair of tourists yesterday, joining his sisters and their boyfriends for a Jack the Ripper walking tour. I appreciate that it sounds a bit grim, and I did wonder if it might be scary, but in fact it was a really interesting way to learn more about these mysterious murders. We started in Aldgate, moved down Brick Lane, and finished not far from Spitalfields, led by a tour guide who speaks in puns but is impressively erudite on the subject. Now, there's something you don't think you'll read about on a beauty blog.

2. Before heading east for our walking tour, we hit Borough Market for some hot cider, then wandered down to Southbank to see the Christmas Festival. It wasn't huge exactly, but they had all the German market essentials, with festive wreaths and gingerbread houses sold from the wooden chalets.

3. I firmly believe that you can't beat summer, but cold, sunny days come a close second. There's something about walking through crisp air when the skies are bright and blue. Case in point is the picture above, which I snapped at a spot not far from my house while walking my dog a few days before before the weather tipped into the drizzly side.

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