25 November 2014

Pre-Shampoo Hair Oils Reviewed: Windle & Moodie and Phyto

Windle & Moodie Essential Oils Elixir
If you’re lathering up and masking your hair, then lavishing it in blow dry creams, you probably think you’ve ticked every must-do box on the haircare agenda. But what you do before you dunk your hair under the shower can have the biggest effect on the health of your scalp, if you harness the right products.

I’m so conditioned to hopping under the tap the second I spring out of bed that I must confess, I sometimes forget to use a pre-poo oil. But when I take the time to massage one in 20 minutes before I wash, I've noticed it fixes hair woes in a way that my follow-up products can't. So, let me introduce two favourites overhauling my hair ritual...

Windle & Moodie Essential Oils Elixir, £26

Chances are, you're no stranger to slathering locks in oil pre-blowdry, but this one gets to work on strands before you even step foot in the shower. To apply it, grab sections of hair and twist them then push the oil up the hair shaft, almost backcombing your hair with your hands for maximum absorption. After 20 minutes, wash and condition your hair the way you usually would, and knots will seem to untangle themselves as you lather up and rinse.

But the real results are seen when hair is dry, as it strengthens and softens the ends, reinforcing fragile strands even under the threat of damp winter air. If I know I'll be spending a lot of time walking out in the cold - or I've just been out there - I'll use this to safeguard strands from going static or super frizzy.

Phyto Phytopolléine Universal Elixir, £24.50

I discovered this pre-poo oil at a Phyto blogger event in the summer, having sat through a hair consultation which saw my roots magnified through a scalp camera. I was told that, though my hair was healthy, I had a spot of product build-up, which appeared on the screen as globules of clear gunk wrapping itself around my roots. Lovely mental images aside, I was recommended Phytopolléine, as the oil is designed for deep cleansing and balancing out your scalp.

Going against everything you're told about getting oil near your roots, you rub this unction into the scalp 20 minutes before your shower. Your nose will get a real whack of eucalyptus as you massage it in, but the fragrance fades by the time you've washed, blow-dried and styled your locks. The results, however, stick with you and leave you with softer, bouncier hair that feels weightless - a perk for fine locks like mine, which get dragged down by everything. I use this as my weekly detox to rid my roots of serums and oils, but it's said to be just as effective on oily or dry and flaky scalps.

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