15 June 2014

Sunday Chatter #1: JT and Catching Up on Sleep

Justin Timberlake at the O2 London
1. On Tuesday, I had the utter joy of seeing Justin Timberlake at the O2 Arena, after my dear friend, Sophie, won two tickets and took me as her +1. (I love you!) I first saw him in concert waaay back when he did his Justified tour, and I came home telling everyone who would listen that we made eye contact. Sure. My inner-12-year-old was over-joyed that he pulled out some classic N'Sync moves, and honestly, that boy has got one hell of a flawless (and beyond high-pitched) voice. 

2. I've been doing pretty poorly on the sleeping front this week, and despite feeling tired, I lay there awake throwing my sheets all around the room. (Doesn't help.) It's frustrating, so I've dedicated tonight to creating a super relaxing environment, and have turned my bedroom and bathroom into one big sleep 'factory'. If that sounds a bit weird, please forgive me and note the aforementioned lack of sleep, but I've pulled together a peaceful plan that should hopefully do the trick. For those wondering, that means Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Balm on my temples, This Works Deep Sleep Spray on my pillows and a slug of Dr Hauschka Lavender Bath Essence. Wish me luck. 

3. I definitely fall into the 'I couldn't care less' category for the World Cup, but I have learnt that combined with strong cocktails and burgers, I can deal with the screamy-shoutiness. Jane and Bill had a group of us round last night and we browsed Netflix ahead of the game; for anyone wondering, yes, they do have Goosebumps on there (and yes, we watched it).

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