3 February 2014

YSL Pure Chromatics 19 Eyeshadow Review

YSL Pure Chromatics 19 Eyeshadow
A bold lip has long been my signature look and my beauty safety blanket; I don't feel 'done' without a slick of plum or a touch of blue-toned red. It's what I wear come a work meeting, date night or a casual weekend; no event is deemed too dressed-down for my prized collection of lip pigments.

However, I made myself a promise at the start of the New Year; I would learn to embrace eyeshadow and mix my look up a little more. I wanted something that errs on smokey - a look I normally fear - without leaving my skin looking dull or veering into overdone territory.

So I've had a good think about the shades to use when creating my smokey eye; one bad past experience had me convinced that it's just not a look for me. Typically, shades fall in the steely greys and shimmering carbon blacks, both of which look harsh against my pale, blue eyes and fair-toned skin. Enter this pretty palette of shimmering taupes, deep browns and a dusky rose, which, little did I know was the very thing to completely transform my routine.

I'd already learnt that brown eyeshadow can draw out the prettiest tones in blue eyes, but I didn't realise how a touch of pink can add dimension to a tawny shadow. I worked the two left shades with a blending brush over my entire lid, starting with the brown and topping with the rose to build intensity and depth. I then worked a finer liner brush into the darkest shade of brown, and nudged it gently between my lashes on my upper and lower lids.

Finally, the lightest shade - a pretty, shimmering pearl - is hooked into the tear ducts and outer corners to give an opening effect. The finished look is a warmer and more wearable smokey blend which doesn't dull out my fair-toned skin or overwhelm my lighter eyes.

What's great about these pigments is that they're dewy in their finish, and the shimmer is finely-milled so you're not left with obvious chunks of glitter. I wear the shades in sheer washes, but you can wet them for intensity, and with a vibrancy so fresh and brightening, it's hard not to fall in love.

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