6 February 2014

Three Daring, Deep Lipsticks: Let's Be Brave

Bold Lip Colours by Revlon, Giorgio Armani and MeMeMe Cosmetics
I implore everyone I know to try a daring, deep lip colour; to me it's the most transformative of any beauty look. Well, that and anything seen on the catwalk at a Vivienne Westwood show. But, Dame Viv aside, you can't deny the things a lipstick can do, from brightening complexions and whitening teeth to propelling pouts forward, leaving sad skin in the shade. To me, it's safe; something to draw attention away from a bad night's sleep, something to grab the eye and always ensure that you look 'done'.

I have dark lipsticks on a constant rotation, forever finding new favourites, and this February, these three come up trumps as the colours I'm daring to wear.

A deep, wine red with a vinyl finish for a pillowy, plumped-up pout, this vampy shade is laced with three rich butters to hydrate weather-beaten lips. Not for the shy, it's striking, bold and utterly unapologetic, but it's also sultry, daring and, well, fun, which is just what make-up should be.

Sheer, perhaps, but that doesn't take away from the deepness of this shade. Pared-down or not, it still takes gusto to wear a blackened violet lip. But remember that teeth whitening I mentioned? Well, this is great for that - the blue tones make even whites of eyes sparkle for a look of 'I get my five-a-day'. It's also buildable so you can apply it in richer swathes, or blot on for day to get a tinted veil that's glossy, hydrated and smooth.

I know, right? I thought metallic lipstick was a massive no-no, too, but strangely this one boasts a certain lure that keeps it within my clutch. It's not frosted, but spiked with shots of blue that give it that heightened shine, and is much more purple than the bullet lets on when you swipe it across your lips. Sure, I'll agree that it's not ideal for running errands in the harsh light out day, but if you're out for drinks in a moody bar, it just needs bronzer to make it work. 

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