20 February 2014

How I Use the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
As a precursor to this tip-filled post, let me praise the SK-II Treatment Mask, which I pull out whenever my skin seems irretrievably aggravated. It yanks it back from the depths of dullness into something that resembles presentable, shrinking blemishes, blitzing dryness and bringing some zen to my angry complexion. This all-rounder is treated like liquid gold within my household, as I stockpile the sachets for only the most monumental of occasions. (As a little indicator, even a Christmas party wasn't deemed worthy.)

However, while the results are straightforward and ever reliable, I know some are baffled with what to do when their pores have soaked up the Pitera-rich blend. Do you rinse it off? Do you sleep in it? Do you smooth a night cream on top? There's no wrong answer, but certain post-treatment techniques can boost the mask's effects. Here's what I've found works... 

1. Before applying the mask, I want to ensure I reap all of its benefits, so I use a gentle face scrub first to open up my pores. Ditching pore-clogging dead skin cells allows the Pitera to penetrate further, ensuring your skin laps up every drop of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

2. The mask sits in a silver sachet brimming with SK-II's fabulous essence, and when you pull out the plush facial sheet, there's plenty of liquid left inside. It's a downright waste to throw it away, so seal the sachet with sticky tape and use the excess essence as a serum in the days and nights that follow.

3. After lifting the sheet away from my face, I blot the excess down, then I mix an oil and night cream blend to pat over drier patches of skin. Though the mask itself works utter wonders at cosseting flaky pores, this skin-kind cocktail supercharges its hydrating effects. 

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