13 February 2014

Beat the Chill: Best Body Treats

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Bath Salts
Aveda All Sensitive Body Formula and Sampar Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub
A day that begins wrestling with an umbrella and shivering on a train platform should swiftly be rewarded with a steamy tub and a stream of bathtime treats. I'm the number one proponent of pamper nights and cocooning oneself in lavish creams, and as such, thought I'd share my go-to body buys for conquering a cold snap.

For a blissful winter bath...

When I want to immerse my mind and body in a full-on scent experience, this complementary duo makes for milky baths and supremely softened skin. The salts dissolve almost immediately when sprinkled into the tub, and lend the most subtle of sweet fragrances that lingers long after you're dry. Meanwhile, the cream is a richer, more fragrant affair that blitzes through dried-out skin; use lightly and you'll smell like the most delicious (and calorific) of desserts.

For a skin-softening shower...

Satisfyingly scrubby sea salts suspended in a creamy base are ideal for weather-beaten limbs that are lacking moisture and radiance. This Sampar scrub boasts a soapy-clean scent that manages to be both simple and luxe, while a generous thwack of beeswax cocoons scrubbed skin in a veil of light hydration.

I follow a shower with a generous layer of Aveda All-Sensitive Body Formula, and if the half-full bottle hasn't clued you in, my limbs lap up this delicate unction. It's scent-free and packed with jojoba oil and vitamins A and E, which deliver a hit of comforting hydration that doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin.

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