7 February 2014

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer
I could tell you that the name of this product neatly sums it up, but that wouldn't do justice to the Amazing Concealer, which has been ticking all of my cover-up boxes.

The coverage is unrivalled by anything else I've ever used, as the thick, creamy formula camouflages redness while appearing imperceptible. It seamlessly covers everything, from angry spots to blue-toned circles, yet I can barely feel it on my skin once I've gently patted it down. In fact, because of the strong pigments, I only need the smallest amount, and the finish is so flawless, I can wear it without the need for foundation.

The radiant - but never shiny - formula works wonders on aggressive under-eye circles. It bounces the light from those dulled-out zones to leave you looking fresh and awake, while the fuller finish also lends itself well to covering spots and reddened skin.

The formula is like an oil-based pigment as opposed to a liquid or cream, and as such has a slippery, easy-glide texture that makes it a dream for drier skins. The pigment pay-off also more than justifies the premium price, as you need such a small amount of product, one tube will last you for months.

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