30 January 2014

Four Tips for Tackling Stress

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To some degree, all of us are familiar with stress. Whether personally or professionally, it affects everybody, and when something is weighing heavy on your mind, it's hard to gain clarity.

My New Year's Resolution - alongside ditching a weekly burger habit - was to take deep breaths, stress less and hone a nighttime ritual that helps me wind down. Along the way I've adopted techniques that I've found can really work, so why not share the wealth? We could all do with a little calm in our lives.

Can't switch off? Write your ideas down...

There are moments when a busy, buzzy mind can have its advantages, but too often, my head is swimming with thoughts when I should be going to sleep. It's the time when all my feature ideas appear to hit me at once, and when I start making mental lists of things I need to do the next day. The solution? Keep a notebook by your bed and jot all those ideas down. Not only does it feel like you're halfway to settling the many things on your mind, but you won't feel quite the same urge to play ideas over in your head.

Bathe and beautify

It sounds superfluous, and maybe it is, but beautifying seems to help. It's almost impossible to feel frantic when laying in a bubble bath, and even better when candles, face masks and hair masks are thrown into the mix. Still stressed out? Then pummel your pores with a stress-relieving facial massage; kneading your pressure points with oil can help to release some pent-up tension. Go all out with a body cream, a spritz of perfume and a pillow mist, then snuggle down in PJs (preferably silk) to read a good, non-scary book. It won't solve your problems, but it helps to ease you into a floaty, zen-like mood, and if nothing else, your skin will glow and your limbs will feel silky smooth.

Pound the pavement

Running is not only a good way to tone up, get some air and burn off calories, but it also helps to clear your mind and work off excess energy. When I'm extra stressed, pounding the pavement gives me something else to focus on, and that sense of achievement can overcome any worries or doubts I'm feeling.

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