13 January 2014

Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Volume Plumping Whip Review

Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Volume Plumping Whip
This product had me at 'plumping' - it's a word I'm a sucker for - whether talking about skin or haircare, it can mean only good and gorgeous things. In the case of this whip from Toni & Guy, which works from root to tip, it’s all about giving guts and body to hair that's flat and languishing.

Unfortunately, I tick all the boxes on the fine hair criteria, and have volumisers on a constant rotation in my quest for a long-hold boost. The closest I’ve come is this delicious pot of creamy, whipped-up goodness, which you smooth on wet hair through entire lengths for an even, bouncy blowdry.

It’s not often that I’d dare to put a product so thick and paste-like near my roots, but incredibly, it makes my hair feel weightless once dry while the density of strands is improved. Think bountiful locks that are swishy, soft and free of flyaways, and you'll know why this whip is a vital cog in the wheel of my usual hair styling regimen.

I pair it with my Babyliss Big Hair Spinning Drying Brush, and together they’re my ultimate dream team for easy, daily styling. And, best of all? This whip is a budget buy that's available in Boots, costing £7.19 for a tub that, as yet, has lasted me around nine months.

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